Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Last edited on 15 Jul 2024

Ciao! Benvenuto in Italia!

Hi! Welcome to Italy!

Italy is a parliamentary republic located on the Mediterranean Sea, in the South of Europe. Come to Italy and study here! You will be impressed by our historical heritage. Rome, the capital of Italy, was the political center of the Western Civilization. Italy is playing an important influence in Europe’s culture and society since centuries. In the 14th century a cultural, artistic and intellectual movement began in Florence, Tuscany, and spread to the rest of Europe: Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance.

The country itself has plenty of charms which tempt tourist and international student; a diverse landscape; an immense cultural and historical legacy; iconic and historic sites including Rome’s Colosseum and Pisa’s Leaning Tower; incomparable cuisine; an impressive history of inventions and discoveries. Nest to that, Universities in Italy include some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious.

Italy boasts the greatest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world and it is also the home of the oldest European University - the University of Bologna, which was established in 1088. Many of Italy’s scientists have made an outstanding contribution to modern science, in particular in physics, chemistry, material science, medicine and literature. Art and culture play a very important role in a country where beauty, design, good taste and fashion are an everyday imperative. This, coupled with a high quality of University education, makes Italy an ideal place for living and studying.

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