Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Last edited on 31 Jul 2021

Welcome to Ireland! Fáilte....

As an English-speaking country on the western edge of Europe, Ireland has a well-earned reputation for the warmth of its welcome and for providing a safe and supportive environment to those who choose to study among us. By international standards, we are amongst the safest and most stable countries in the world and featured in the Top Twenty in the Global Peace Index 2019.

Ireland is a country that embodies creativity, agility and a pioneering spirit to deliver education that creates graduates with the unique skills and right qualifications for the world today.

Ireland has a centuries-old tradition of educational excellence, a tradition we are proud of and committed to maintaining. Today, graduates from Irish universities are welcomed by employers in every industry and in every corner of the globe.

A degree from an Irish Higher Education Institution is a fast track to opportunity – wherever you choose to work and live in future years. Ireland is also the home to the brightest and best global corporations and is a destination of choice for pretty much every global corporation that wants to establish a headquarters in Europe.

Our exceptionally skilled workforce and graduate pool are uniquely positioned to access the opportunities the Irish business ecosystem creates. 

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