Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic

Last edited on 27 May 2024

Welcome to Czech Republic!

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe and boasts a unique natural and cultural wealth. The total area of the country is 78,866 square kilometers and its population is around 10.4 million people. The Czech Republic shares borders with Germany, Poland, Austria and the Slovak Republic, and its capital city is Prague. It is a parliamentary democracy and has been an EU member state since 2004. The modern day Czech Republic is known as much for scientific research and development, as its impressive history and culture. Over the last decade Czech Science has made revolutionary discoveries and inventions, and developed innovative procedures in several areas, including the treatments of HIV and Hepatitis B, Gamma Radiation research, and the development of Memrec – a computer controlled by eye movement – by scientists from the Czech Technical Institute of Prague.

The Czech educational system is considered to be one of the best in the world according to the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). In addition, Czech higher education institutions offer a wide variety of study programs taught in English and other foreign languages specifically designed for international students. In fact, over 30000 international students chose to study in the Czech Republic every year, whether as part of an exchange program or as free movers.

Today, the Czech Republic is an increasingly popular destination for international study, with over 39,000 foreign students currently enrolled at its universities. EU statistics released in 2014 listed it as the 12th most popular destination for Erasmus students in Europe. There are certainly many perks for those choosing to study in the Czech Republic: well-esteemed universities, affordable tuition fees and living costs, and last but not least, a vibrant and colorful cultural life.

Higher Education System

Czech higher education dates back six hundred years. In 1348 Emperor Charles IV founded a university in Prague, which is the oldest academic institution in Central Europe - it is now called the Charles University. At present, the Czech higher education system includes 26 public, 2 state and 45 private institutions, at which nearly 40,000 foreign students are enrolled. The bulk of internationally mobile students in the Czech Republic come from neighboring Slovakia. Higher education institutions form the highest level of the Czech education system. They offer accredited degree programs at three levels: Bachelor, Master’s and Postgraduate. The main medium of instruction is Czech, however the range of programs offered in foreign languages (mainly in English) is expanding in order to cater for international students.

Universities in Czech Republic