Erasmus Mundus Partnerships (Key Action 2)

Erasmus Mundus Partnerships (Key Action 2)

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Erasmus Mundus Partnerships programme is set up with the aim to contribute to the sustainable development of partner countries in the field of higher education. The action is based on Partnerships between European and partner country higher education institutions and includes a scholarship scheme for mobility of students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and staff.

What does this programme have to offer?

  • Facilitates the mobility of students and academic staff through an exchange programme.
  • Encourages partnerships and cooperation between European universities and those from the Neighbourhood countries.
  • Enhances the role of the higher education sector by exchanging knowledge, skills and expertise.
  • Offers unique opportunities to citizens in partner countries to gain new cultural and educational experiences.
  • Paves the way to the international recognition of studies and qualifications.
  • Strengthens the international cooperation capacity of universities in partner countries.


How long does this programme last?

Mobility can last from a minimum of one month for professors and six months (one semester) for students, to a maximum of 34 months for doctoral students.

Who can apply to this programme?

  • Students (undergraduates to post-docs) and staff (administrative and academic).
  • Students, professors or professionals from outside Europe must be nationals of one of the countries covered by the respective geographic lot. They do not necessarily need to belong to one of the consortium universities.
  • To benefit from a grant, European students and teachers must be registered at one of the European universities in the partnership.

What will the scholarship cover?

Grants cover the entirety of the cost of travel and accommodation at the host university, including the living costs and costs related to matriculation and insurance.

How does the application work?

A call for proposals is published on a yearly basis. Each call selects new partnerships of higher education institutions that will be funded to organise mobility flows between Europe and the countries included in the respective geographical lot. Selected partnerships are responsible for awarding individual grants and scholarships. The partnership will define its own criteria and procedures for selecting students, professors, scholars etc, who will benefit from mobility grants between the countries covered by the partnership.

In June of each year, the Agency publishes on its website a list of the partnerships selected in the Call, as well as the countries covered, and the universities making up the various partnerships.

What scholarship programmes are eligible for ASEAN students?

Below is the list of mobility projects that ASEAN students can apply. Click on each project title for details and its list of targeted countries: