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Bonjour, from the romantic and chic country of Europe! It must have been a well-known label for France, but dig more than just it. In fact, this country becomes the third highest foreign student recruiter in the world. France government support 90% of the tuition fees so that European or non-European students could experience affordable yet qualified education and recognized world-wide. You might require studying in French, but believe it or not French would be your valuable asset for your future career as it is an official language for 29 countries and United Nations. Long story short, study in France lead you to open a new professional opportunities.

In Indonesia, you could reach out Campus France as the official representative of the government providing information and advice about study in France including guide you through the admission process.

BGF (Bourse du Gouvernement Français)

Focus Scholarship: Master and PhD

Competition: Designated country: Indonesia

Scholarship Coverage: Full scholarship

BGF offers 300 full scholarships for Master and PhD (18 months) degrees per year for Indonesian Students. This scholarship program brought together Indonesian Government, France companies in Indonesia and private foundations. It covers tuition fees in public universities, visa and insurance at cost including living allowance and return international travel tickets.


  • Priority study program such as: Sciences, Engineering, Social Studies and Political Sciences. 
  • DELF B2 language level is mandatory to continue your studies in France, while the DELF B1 is sufficient for science and technology, doctoral programs and master's programs WITH instruction in English.
  • Please note that you need to receive A Letter of acceptance from your destination university BEFORE applying BGF.

Eiffel Scholarships

Focus Scholarship: Master and PhD

Competition: Developing Country

Scholarship Coverage: Full scholarship

Eiffel scholarship programs are available for students from developing countries who would like to continue their studies in France (one to two years). Eiffel scholarships will cover the living cost during the study period with the amount of 1181 Euro for master's level and 1,400 Euro for doctorates program. In addition, tickets for round-trip as well as health insurance also covered by the program. Eiffel scholarships available on 26 – 1st December each.


  • Maximum 30 years old (Master) and 35 years old (PhD) 
  • Key selection criteria: Excellence International politics represented by candidate’s organization/ institution Politics cooperation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and candidate’s country of origin 
  • Priority areas include: Sciences, Political Sciences, Agriculture, Social Sciences, and Engineering.