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Mengantisipasi ‘Culture Shock’
Culture shock menjadi hal yang biasa ditemui oleh mereka yang tinggal dalam waktu yang cukup lama di tempat baru, mahasiswa misalnya. Hal ini lumrah terjadi ketika seseorang baru pertama kali menginjakkan kaki di tempat baru yang asing. .
08 Aug 2017
5 Basic Points to Consider If Planning to Study in Europe for Free
You are here as you may be planning to study in Europe, so let me surprise you straightaway by saying that one can achieve graduation from Germany for free! Not only in Germany but also in most of the countries in the European Union (EU) which has universities boasting quality education.
22 May 2017
7 Scholarship Application Tips – From the Winners!
Apply as early as possible. This is one of those pieces of advice you’re probably sick of hearing already, but our scholarship winners do say it was important for their success. “Schools have a specific amount of funding available and the earlier you apply, the more you will receive and the easier it will be to get a scholarship,” says Al
20 May 2017