Yuk Belajar Environmental Studies di Negara-Negara Skandinavia Ini
Negara-negara Skandinavia termasuk negara yang paling hijau dan ramah lingkungan di dunia. Inilah kenapa tepat banget bagi kamu untuk belajar tentang lingkungan di negara-negara ini.
26 Apr 2018
Denmark: Home of LEGO
Did you know that LEGO, the world’s favourite toy, started off humbly in Denmark? Around 1930, a Danish carpenter was experiencing a hard time getting business to build houses, so he created wooden toys in an attempt to get by.
25 Apr 2018
Finland: The Greenest Nation of the World
Overall, Finland stood as the number one nation in this index because of its government's and local community's commitment to protect the environment, implemented in local campaigns and the national education program that nurtures children to become sustainable future leaders through assignments and coursework.
24 Apr 2018
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