Study in Neoma Business School with Scholarship
Study in Neoma Business School with Scholarship
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Study in Neoma Business School

Last edited on 27 Feb 2020

The essence of our school is to train management graduates capable of living up to the expectations of the business world. Its mission will thus be to educate and accompany future entrepreneurs and managers, capable of responsible leadership and of going beyond prevailing models. NEOMA Business School thus positions itself as the preferred partner of business, answering the problems and challenges they face and helping them to improve their performance. To reach this objective, NEOMA Business School will rely on: a portfolio of high quality programmes the strengthening of its expertise via authoritative research in areas closely linked to its training activity the implementation of an international policy, as  the ambassador of our reputation efficient organisation

Specialities: Formation, Enseignement Supérieur, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Ressources Humaines