5 interesting facts about Lithuania - and why you should go there!

Last updated on 01 Apr 2023
5 interesting facts about Lithuania - and why you should go there!

IMG_8898.PNG By: Joy Ananda

1. Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages that still exist today


Imagine this - the Lithuanian language is older than Celtic, German, and Greek. Written in a Latin script, Lithuanian is classified as Baltic language, which basically means it’s a language native to the people who lived in the eastern and southeastern parts of the Baltic sea in Northern Europe in 1200 AD. Although Western Baltic contains extinct languages, Eastern Baltic holds on strong with Lithuanian and its counterpart Latvian.

2. Bread has an important role in society


You can find Rye bread at every meal, in every Lithuanian household. Whether you are brunching with the girls, having a light lunch during work or a comforting dinner with your family, rye bread is there to accompany you. Not only because bread is often used in traditional ceremonies, but Rye is a very flexible crop that grows steadily across the cooling climate of the country.

3. Potatoes are found in every shape and form you can think of


Pudding, sausages, dumplings - you name it, they probably have it. Forget about boring mashed potatoes or baked potatoes in a jacket, this is the real deal. Lithuanians have taken the plain brown potato and turned it into comfort food that makes you yearn for more.

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4. Basketball is the national sport of Lithuania


The country’s national basketball team has a long list of accolades ranging from EuroBasket, the World Championships and the Olympics. Lithuania is no stranger to producing NBA players as well, which is one of the ways the country was put on the map.

5. Rich in cultural preservation


From dairy products to theater to art museums to architecture, Lithuania is a country drenched in history. Take this for an example - according to UNESCO, one of the Intangible Cultural Heritages features the traditional Lithuanian folk dance which is a highlight performance once every four years. You don’t have to be born in Lithuania to try out this dance for yourself, as the country invites everyone from around the world to try it. Everything they do, from the celebrations they have from the staple foods they eat stems from ancient culture, as what has worked for their ancestors, works for them and will continue on.

In conclusion, if you are a curious historian-wannabe with a penchant for bread, potatoes and artisan cheeses, take note of this country, you would want to visit it.