Study in Université d’Angers with Scholarship
Study in Université d’Angers with Scholarship
Université d’Angers
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Study in Université d’Angers

Last edited on 06 Dec 2021

The University of Angers harks back to a very long history of universities in the city.

By 1080, the “Studium” or the School of Angers was already a renowned scholarly institution. It received the title “university” in 1356, and in 1364, Charles V granted the university its autonomy and privileges. The fi rst statutes were drawn up in 1373. By 1450, the university had colleges in Law, Theology, Arts and Medicine, which attracted students from the whole of France. Sharing the fate of other universities, it was abolished during the French Revolution. Angers remained an important focus of intellectual and academic activity, and higher education persisted, with free, public courses in Medicine as early as 1796, and with the creation of the School of Medicine of Angers in 1807.

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