The Importance of Air Quality

Last updated on 27 May 2024
The Importance of Air Quality


With the ongoing global emphasis on reaching sustainability goals, one of the most crucial environmental priorities to tackle is air quality. Sadly, polluted air is a serious and common problem across large parts of the world – most notably in Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Lengthened exposure to air pollution can lead anyone to serious health complications, ranging from respiratory illnesses to heart diseases or a critical loss of lung capacity.

Fortunately, places do exist where clean air is not only in abundance but is also a major natural resource. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, the cleanest air in the world is in Finnish Lapland.

In Finland, you will breathe clean air

According to WHO, only a tenth of European urban population enjoys air as clean as in Finland. The report states that, on average, Finland has the third cleanest air in the world. Only Sweden and Canada are ahead, with Australia, Iceland and Estonia behind Finland.

Pia Anttila of the Finnish Meteorological Institute says that several factors influence Finland’s good air quality:

“Finland is located far enough from big European cities, so emissions from long-range transport of pollutants remain low. On a global scale, there is really only one big city in Finland, Helsinki, and even its air quality is excellent. There are also few inhabitants and little traffic in Finland. A very significant aspect is also that Finland has managed to curtail industrial emissions. In addition to good cleaning methods, industrial processes operate with clean technology.”

Studying in a clean environment with Finland University

Bearing in mind the benefits of breathing clean air, it’s little wonder that many foreign students, particularly from Asia, look forward to studying in Finland. Trading in the headaches and weariness caused by air pollution to an environment where the air, water and food are clean has never felt like a more inviting option. Fortunately, Finland University is aware of the demand and happy to help.

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