How to Succeed in Studying Abroad as an Introvert

Last updated on 05 Dec 2023
How to Succeed in Studying Abroad as an Introvert


By Mia Angeline

We all know studying abroad can be the best experience of your life. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

Studying abroad also equals meeting new people in a new environment that is unfamiliar to you. It also means voicing your opinion in class to be heard and doing group study to ace in your courses.

Sounds like an extrovert’s activities, so how can introverts survive studying abroad?

First, let’s look at those who are considered introverts.

By definition, introversion is a personality trait of someone who prefers calm and minimally stimulating environments. Introverts usually focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. They are often thought of as antisocial people, who don’t fit for traveling or exploring.

This is a misconception because traveling and adventuring have no direct correlation with someone being an introvert or extrovert. And studying abroad can help your experience rather than hinder it.

If you are an introvert and still worry whether you can survive studying abroad, all you need is our guide here as you prepare or consider studying abroad.

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1. Make yourself feel at home

This is the easiest thing to do after you arrive in your new city.

Make your room comfy with pictures from home. Take some physical photos with you before leaving home. Other than photos, take a book in your native language, and something familiar to you.

These things will help you whenever you feel lonely or overwhelm with new surroundings. Make a space for you to relax after a long day in class.

2. Take long walks around your new city

This is the simplest way to experience your new city.

Take a walk around your neighborhood and find your favorite café. Having a go-to place to unwind when everything seems overwhelming can help you whenever you need a break. As an introvert, you can recharge by sitting in your favorite café by yourself, out of the chaos.

While sipping your tea or coffee, you can take the moment to observe the people passing by. You can learn the mannerism how the locals do things in your new city.

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3. Make plans ahead of time

When you arrive the first time, the new city can be overwhelming and scary. So, it is better to make plans ahead of time.

Find out how to navigate your new city before you arrive. Buy tickets to a show or movie to force yourself to experience the city. It will be helpful if you can message people before arriving.

For example, if you opt to live with a host family, sending a message to other people living with the same family will help you get to know them before your arrival date.

4. Setting up small challenges for yourself

It is easy for introverts to fall for a comfort zone, so you need to challenge yourself to get out of it.

Set a small challenge for yourself, for example, join a group trip, or try to do something that you will never do in your home country.

No one knows you in your new city, so take advantage of the anonymity.

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5. Treat yourself!

Although you are surrounded by people going through a similar experience, they may have different interests or goals for their study abroad experience. So, it is important to do things that you want to do and don’t be afraid to say it to your new friends.

Remember that you have a limited time in your new city, so don’t let the fear of doing something alone put you off from doing what you really want.

Be honest and tell your new friends of your plans for the day, and who knows, maybe they will go along with you.

Studying abroad can be the best experience only if you allow it.

It is easy for introverts to get caught up in the routine or be intimidated by a big city. Don’t fall for the routine, instead, just go and take it all in.

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