European Universities with the Best Job Prospects in 2018/2019

Last updated on 27 May 2024
European Universities with the Best Job Prospects in 2018/2019


By Mia Angeline

Bermimpi Melanjutkan Studi ke Eropa? Jangan lewatkan EHEF 2018, pameran pendidikan tinggi Eropa terbesar di Indonesia yang paling dinanti-nanti. Segera daftarkan dirimu sebagai peserta dalam perhelatan akbar EHEF 2018 secara GRATIS di sini.

Employability rate is one of the factors students usually considered before applying to a certain university.

As you may know, being a high achiever may not guarantee that students are ready for the employment phase.

Also, employers often express concerns that universities should do more to prepare their students for employment. However, there are several European universities unlikely to receive complaints regarding the students or alumni.

Therefore, each year The Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) and QS Ranking release the best universities based on graduate employability. Each provider used different rankings indicators so they may have a different result. QS uses several indicators such as alumni outcomes, employer-student relations, employer reputation, and graduate employment rate. While THE compiles answers from several recruiters, chief executives and business managers from top companies in 20 countries.

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Here are the top 10 European universities with the best job prospects from both notable ranking providers. First, we have the top 5 from THE:

1. University of Cambridge - #4 in THE

Cambridge is known for academic achievements and brilliant research work. The university also has numerous collaborations with government, NGOs and institutions from various industries – making it easier for alumni and employer to find each other.

For more information about studying at the University of Cambridge, click here.

2. University of Oxford - #7 in THE

Again, who haven’t heard about Oxford? This university is known for ground-breaking research in physics, medicine, engineering, life and, social sciences. Various organizations also partnered with Oxford in academic and research projects.

For more information about studying at the University of Oxford, click here.

3. Technical University of Munich (TUM) - #8 in THE

TU Munich has partnerships with many companies and scientific institutions around the world. Also, there are several TUM research centers in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. TUM is known for numerous programs, such as engineering, communications, MBA, and biosciences.

For more information about studying at Technical University of Munich (TUM), click here.

4. Imperial College London - #16 in THE

ICL always boosts a strong network between alumni and students and has partnerships with government institutions, research centers, and business across the world. ICL is known for their medicine, engineering, business, and finance disciplines.

For more information about studying at Imperial College London, click here.

5. HEC Paris - #21 in THE

HEC Paris is a business and management school in Paris, France. HEC Paris is known for its partnerships with over 100 prestigious universities worldwide. Students can take a degree in marketing, management, and business.

For more information about studying at HEC Paris, click here.

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Next, here are the top 5 from QS (besides University of Cambridge and University of Oxford):

1. ETH Zurich - #15 in QS

As one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, ETH Zurich maintains a high-score in the employer reputation and graduate employment rate category. The university’s career center is the one responsible for this high score. The career center connects students with companies and advises students on all aspects of the workplace.

For more information about studying at ETH Zurich, click here.

2. Ecole Polytechnique - #30 in QS

Located in France, Ecole Polytechnique gains the highest score in graduate employment rate category. The salary rate for alumni starts from $77,000 for a bachelor’s degree!

For more information about studying at Ecole Polytechnique, click here.

3. KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - #31 in QS

KIT is located in Germany and successfully achieves a high score in partnership with employers’ category. This achievement is because KIT always finds creative ways to connect students and employers. For example, KIT organized several career events to help their students, including the ‘Hidden Champions’ in which students can get associated with small or medium-sized companies. Also, the ‘Company Speed Dating’ in which both students and representatives from the company converse in 8 minutes.

For more information about studying at KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, click here.

4. Politecnico di Milano - #36 in QS

Politecnico di Milano is the largest technical university in Italy. Successfully achieves high scores in both the graduate employment rate and partnerships with employers’ category. Politecnico di Milano is a member of IDEA league, an alliance among five leading European universities that aims to provide students with extra-curricular activities, including connecting students to the industries.

For more information about studying at Politecnico di Milano, click here.

5. Delft University of Technology - #41 in QS

Located in the Netherlands, Delft has a very high score for the partnership with employers. Delft can gain a high score in this category because they have TU Delft Science Park, which houses more than 200 local and international companies to help their students finding the right employment.

For more information about studying at Delft University of Technology, click here.

There you have it, the top 10 universities in Europe with the highest graduate employability.

Becoming a student from these prestigious universities can open many opportunities, employers may come and look for you even before you graduate from these universities.

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