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Welcome to Finland!

Finland is a highly developed country with a fully functioning infrastructure, education system, health care services and a vibrant cultural life. Studying in Finland is a safe and quite exotic way to acquire academic and professional experience and gain personal growth. With a population of just over five million, Finland is a spacious country with people-friendly cities. In addition to having a world class educational system and a dynamic innovation environment, Finland also boasts exquisite natural beauty. Situated in northern Europe, Finland capital city is Helsinki and the official languages are Finnish and Swedish with 94% of the population speaking Finnish.

Studying Abroad in Finland

Finland is often called the Land of Thousand Lakes. A modest name, considering that there are, in fact, 188.000 lakes in the country. As many of these lakes are very large in size, a great part of Finland is covered in water – making Finland distinguishably different from other European contries. From the metropolitan area around Helsinki all the way up to the great lake Inari in Lapland, Finland is filled with oases of the clean blue. Where Inari is known for its deep and crystal clear waters, Lake Saimaa’s ringed seal, one of the most endangered species in the world, is the country’s largest lake’s most memorable attraction

Study in Finland

Finland is a Nordic welfare state where equality is the fundamental ideology behind education. Thanks to the high quality of Finnish education, the country has managed to advance into a world-class knowledge society, where education is provided by 15 universities and 25 universities of applied sciences. Finnish institutions provide over 450 degree and non-degree programmes in English so there is a lot to choose from. There are currently about 20,000 international full degree students in Finnish higher education institutions. Your daily communication will be effortless outside the classroom also as the Finns are fluent in English. Tuition Fee applies for Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences, more information about the tuition fee is available at the website of Studying in Finland. Students who graduate from Finland become experts with transferable skills and often with multidisciplinary competence. Six Finnish universities feature in the Global Top 400 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 – the highest of which is The University of Helsinki ranked 56.

Scholarships to Study in Finland

Studying in Finland is not just about the studies. It is a chance to make friends, build networks, and experience something new. Finland is a safe country where things work and nature is always close by. Studying in Finland University means that you are studying in a highly collaborative and international environment. International students are really happy here; Finland was ranked as second among European countries in international student satisfaction in 2015 (StudyPortals). You will meet lots of students from all over the world and you will complete study tasks together – not to forget all the activities outside studies. Finland offers various scholarships programs to study in the country. European Union also offers a scholarship scheme called Erasmus+ for internaitonal students to study in Finland. 

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