Getting to Know International Institutions in Belgium

Last updated on 24 Jun 2024
Getting to Know International Institutions in Belgium


By Mia Angeline

Studying in Belgium will enrich not only your international experience but also your skill in cross-cultural communication as well.

Belgium is located in the center of Europe and consists of three regions, each communicate with one of the three national languages (Dutch, French, and German). This makes Belgium as one of the most multicultural places on the globe.

Universities in Belgium has a vast number of foreign students from different countries in the world. Belgium also offers plenty of courses taught fully in English for Master and Doctoral degree. While in Bachelor’s degree most courses are still taught in French or Dutch. But, they make it up by offering a very cheap (or free) courses in Dutch and French.

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For you who are interested in studying in Belgium, other than universities, you can opt to apply to an international institution.

International institutions could be a part of Belgian universities or independent graduate and postgraduate programs. Rather than having a various field of study, an international institution usually only focus in one or two fields, aimed to make you as the expert in said field.

In this article, we have several international institutions in Belgium:


CERIS is a postgraduate school offering specifically Master’s course in International Politics and Development Policy. Other than that, the school also offers postgraduate certificates aimed to give a deeper understanding of current issues in international relations. The certificates are tailor-made short courses for officials or policymakers at all level.

For more information on studying at CERIS, click here.

2. The College of Advertising and Design (CAD-Brussels)

As the name implies, CAD is located in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Founded in 1961, CAD is a private college of design offering programs in the field of interior architecture, design, advertising, motion design, graphic design, UX and 3D image design. There are a few courses in French and mostly taught in English.

For more information on studying at The College of Advertising and Design (CAD-Brussels), click here.

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3. Antwerp Management School (AMS)

As a part of the University of Antwerp, the Antwerp Management School is a top-ranked business school. This school is accredited by AACSB and NVAO, which means they have proven standards. Studying in AMS will be a good starting point for your career in business and management.

For more information on studying at Antwerp Management School (AMS), click here.

4. European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA)

EIPA is a leading institution offering programs specifically about EU public affairs. They have three focus areas: EU Governance, EU Policies, and European Public Management.

EIPA is located in several major cities across Europe, such as Brussels, Luxembourg, Maastricht, and Barcelona. Other than the bachelor’s program, EIPA also offers Master’s programs and tailor-made programs. It means you can have a personalized training for your organization or institute.

For more information on studying at European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA), click here.

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5. The Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS)

BSIS is a postgraduate school, part of the University of Kent in Brussels. This school offers Master’s and PhDs programs in politics, international relations, law, and economics. Studying in BSIS will provide you with in-depth analysis of contemporary issues in politics, law, and economic situation in the world.

For more information on studying at The Brussels School of International Studies (BSIS), click here.

There is an old saying in Belgium Experience is the father of wisdom, which means you need more than knowledge to be wise and successful.

International institutions in Belgium, with their focused areas, offer internships opportunities not only in Belgium but across Europe.

Now you know about universities and international institutions – which one will you apply?

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