5 Facts You Need to Know About the French Life

Last updated on 15 Jul 2024
5 Facts You Need to Know About the French Life


By Sonia Azalia

Whether you’re dreaming about studying in France or already in preparation—know that France has so much to offer to everyone, especially international students. Knowing these interesting facts can help you properly adapt to the French lifestyle and make the most of your study abroad experience:

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Fact #1: French people take pride of their language.

It’s good to have English-speaking skills, but better to also know even a bit of French. The French insist on conversing in their language and highly appreciate foreigners who attempt to speak it, even just simple greetings. A challenge, yes—but also a great opportunity to learn a new language and immerse yourself more into their culture.

Fact #2: Mealtimes are sacred times.

Did you know that the average lunchtime in France is two hours, making it one of the countries with the longest lunch breaks? The French loves food and values mealtime. Instead of one big main meal, the French often follow the tradition of three course meals: starters, main meal and dessert, each served in small portions.

Don’t even think about doing errands or making appointments at this hour, for all shops are closed for people to relax and take their time to eat together with their friends, family or colleagues. So, anyone who comes to France with a bad habit of eating too fast, eating unhealthy fast food, eating too much or skipping lunch altogether will gradually become a changed person.

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Fact #3: Wine is inseparable.

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world, making the drink an inseparable part of a French meal. With the range being from expensive high-end wines sold internationally to the modest types, and the legal drinking age being 16 in public (and no regulation of alcohol consumption in private)—wine is generally an inseparable part of the French life.

Fact #4: Endless museums to explore.

You haven’t fully explored the richness of France if you haven't set foot into one. France does their museums better than any other countries, offering more than just recollections of their classic history. France is home to 1,218 museums—from the huge, best known art museums such as The Louvre to the quirky, unusual museums such as The Cork Museum and House of Millions Pieces.

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Fact #5: Baguettes can be found in every corner.

Expect to walk past bakery shops, or Boulangeries, at every block and be tempted by the wafting smells of freshly bakes. Baguettes are central to life in France—being cheap, practical and delicious. It's no surprise they even have a bread law. If you’re hungry, you can stop by the nearest Boulangerie like a local and have a stick of French bread.

An Extra Fact: The heart of Western Europe.

France is geographically the center of Western Europe, so a weekend getaway to other European countries is very much possible. Ride the à grande vitesse, or very fast train, and it'll take you to other European countries in just a few hours.

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