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Why You Should Study Fashion in Paris
Are you curious about why you should study fashion in Paris? From culture to careers, Paris provides all! Read into why and where exactly you should study fashion in one of fashion’s capital in the world.
05 Jul 2019
Vienna for Music Lovers
If you want to hone your musical skill and build a career out of your musical passion. Study in Vienna for music is the answer
04 Jul 2019
Career Prospects in Artificial Intelligence
As the tech word keeps progressing, the fascinating field of Artificial Intelligence offers you many jobs. We’ve gathered the jobs you can choose from, and how you can leverage your degree from the University of Amsterdam.
04 Jul 2019
Why Study Medicine at Karolinska Institutet?
Find out why you should study medicine in Sweden's oldest medicine-focused academy.
01 Jul 2019
Ayo Kuliah di Italia! Begini caranya
26 Jun 2019
Global Challenges and Opportunities in Fashion
The fashion industry is always growing bigger for consumers -- but at what cost? It's time to acknowledge and act on the problems that grew within the industry.
25 Jun 2019

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