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Study in Europe: A Route to Be a Creative Director
Creative directors need a degree in graphic design, fine art or marketing. Here is our university recommendations!
20 Jan 2019
Learn the Skills to Be an App Developer in Europe
To be a professional mobile app developer, you need to equip yourself with the current knowledge and skills.
18 Jan 2019
This Degree Can Help You to Be a Successful Social Media Specialist
If you are interested to have a career in social media, pursuing these degrees in Europe could be your gateway!
17 Jan 2019
Do You Want to Be a Startup Founder? Go Study in Europe!
Studying in an environment that supports startup establishment and has strong entrepreneurship culture will help you to develop the skills needed to be a successful startup founder!
16 Jan 2019
Temukan Langkah-Langkah Studi ke Eropa Disini!
Faktanya, mendaftar ke negara-negara di Eropa tidak sesulit yang dibayangkan kok!
15 Jan 2019
RECAP: IG LIVE INTERVIEW “The Story of a Junior Indonesian Scientist in Denmark”
Syahnada Jaya, mahasiswa PhD yang menekuni bidang Glycobiology di University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Indonesian Presidential Scholarship) membagikan pengalamannya kepada pada 15 Desember lalu!
31 Dec 2018