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Three Communities in Belgium
When discussing countries in Europe, it is pretty normal to encounter different communities that live within the same borders. After all, most of the countries are connected by land and different communities fuse together in a multicultural setting.
21 Apr 2018
Pilihan Program Studi dan Universitas yang Bagus di Irlandia
Jurusan apa sih yang bagus untuk diambil di Irlandia dan universitas mana yang paling bagus untuk jurusan tersebut? Berikut kami punya daftarnya untuk kamu.
19 Apr 2018
What Makes Students Enjoy University Life in Spain
According to the International Student Satisfaction Awards 2016 statistics, Spain's city and culture, academics and social life are international student’s top three reasons why they enjoy their study time.
18 Apr 2018
"The Classic" Decision: Barcelona or Madrid?
When planning a trip to Spain, be it for a weekend trip or for a short-term study period, there’s bound to be one question that appears in your head: Barcelona or Madrid? There’s a lot going on in the two cities, and you’d be hearing opposite views from people who have their own personal favourites.
17 Apr 2018
5 Facts You Need to Know About the French Life
Whether you’re dreaming about studying in France or already in preparation—know that France has so much to offer to everyone, especially international students. Knowing these interesting facts can help you properly adapt to the French lifestyle and make the most of your study abroad experience.
14 Apr 2018
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How to pass the DELF/DALF Exams
When applying for education or jobs that require a certified proof of your French language proficiency, you might encounter the terms “DELF” and “DALF” a lot. These two acronyms are diplomas or certifications issued by the French Ministry of Education to prove your proficiency of the French language.
12 Apr 2018