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Iceland: The Land of Happiness
Knowing how stressful university can be, wouldn’t it be great if you could go through it with the maximum amount of happiness possible? In fact, it’d be great if you could live in a happy place while pursuing your degree, right?
07 Aug 2018
Mau Studi ke Irlandia? Gali Informasinya Lewat Sini!
Di Education in Ireland, kamu bisa menemukan berbagai informasi seputar studi di Irlandia, mulai dari program studi apa saja yang bisa kamu ambil, bagaimana kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar internasional di Irlandia, dan cara untuk mendaftar di universitas di Irlandia.
05 Aug 2018
6 Hal Yang Hanya Bisa Kamu Temukan di Turki
Nilai historis dan lokasi unik inilah yang menjadikan Turki tidak hanya sebagai destinasi pariwisata tetapi tujuan studi juga.
02 Aug 2018
Why Study in Europe?
If you are looking for a continent in which thousands of great universities are located, Europe might be the place for you! Not only are those said universities rich in knowledge and research experience--a lot of them have a historical backstory that add onto the charms of the institutions.
01 Aug 2018
Get to Know the Swedish Institute
Are you considering Sweden as your next studying destination? If yes, you should start exploring what the Swedish Institute (SI) has to offer.
30 Jul 2018
Your German Dreams are Within Reach Thanks to DAAD
Did you know that Margaret Atwood was a DAAD alum? Yes, the same Margaret Atwood that wrote *The Handmaid's Tale*, the best-selling novel that became the basis for the Golden Globe Award-winning series that has everyone clutching their pearls as they witness the horrors of the world she created.
27 Jul 2018