Study in Halmstad University with Scholarship
Study in Halmstad University with Scholarship
Halmstad University
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Study in Halmstad University

Last edited on 08 May 2021

Student city of the year 2019-2020, Sweden

Halmstad University is located in Halland province on the beautiful  southwest Swedish coast, which the cities are also known as Sweden’s  greenest, most livable and innovative small cities. The seaside and  riverside setting that includes Sweden’s most famous beach called  Tylösand makes Halmstad able to provide you a peaceful yet inspiring  study environment. The location small-yet-perfect size enables close  relationships between students, between universities and between the  university and businesses in the community.nd research environments. Halmstad University actively participates in the development of society through extensive and well-documented collaboration with both industry and the public sector.

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