Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

The program is organized by the Consortium, cooperation between two to three European universities. Students at Master’s program are eligible to apply for up to three different programs that are listed on  the Erasmus Mundus Master Courses (EMMCs) scheme. The uniqness of this program, is the students will go through a period of study in different educational institutions that are part of the consortium and located in different European countries. To have more information on courses and application matters, both students and potential scholars/guest lecturers should contact the relevant Consortium directly.

The program includes a wide range of disciplines, such as: agricultural and forestry sciences, business studies and management sciences, communication and information, education and teaching, engineering, humanities, law, etc. Each study period consists of 60-120 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in 1-2  years degree completion.


Applications required to be submitted between October and January, for course starting the following academic year.

Requirements and applications