Pursue Your Undergraduate Dreams in Croatia

Last updated on 15 Jul 2024
Pursue Your Undergraduate Dreams in Croatia


By: Joy Ananda

Although many may have Croatia on their travel bucket list to visit due to its beautiful coast and sea landscape, not many people know that the country is a great stepping stone for undergraduates.

The higher education system in Croatia is the binary type, which means students can choose from University Studies (academic programs at universities) and Vocational Studies (professional programs at polytechnics or colleges or universities). That means students can choose a more traditional way of getting a diploma or a technical course specific to a topic they like.

Not only are tuition fees affordable, and Forbes Magazine recognizes living costs to be lower than most European countries. You can quickly hear people speak English all around in Croatia, from the classrooms to the streets of cities like Zagreb, Rijeka, and Istria.

On top of that, all full-time students, including international students at Croatian universities, can apply for occasional student work. And upon graduation, the government of Croatia started the program of student contracts to enable exchange students to work full-time in the country. So if you are looking for a great college experience - a convincing post-grad job potential and an adventure all mixed into one, Croatia is the country for you. Here are 3 top majors you should pursue in Croatia and why:


Did you know that the American electric car manufacturer is named after Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla? The Ministry of Economic, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts spends a lot of time and money investing in new patents and 300 companies and research groups in Croatia to showcase their country’s skills at world innovation fairs each year.

If you are interested in science and technology, you should look into exploring it in Croatia, where the interest in R&D activity is much appreciated. Projects that prove themselves end up achieving high scientific impacts because they have a larger chance of getting grants in Croatia than anywhere else.


Croatia is an important center for art in South-Eastern Europe that spans different types, including theater, orchestra, traditional singing technique, Applied Arts, Animation Directing, Fine Arts, Film and TV Directing, and even Puppet Theatre Acting.

Art is greatly celebrated in Croatia, and the many museums present in the country prove it. Classic art museums describe the contemporary and historical architecture, but there are also unique museums such as The Museum of Hangovers or Broken Relationships. It seems like the dry European humor doesn’t stray away from the spectrum of art - much to our amusement. So if you feel like your art ideas are out of this world, it’s safe to say that you should come to Croatia to study and dabble in the art scene.


Medicine courses in Croatia may cost the most compared to other degrees, but your hard work will be compensated in the form of a guaranteed job. A degree in Medicine from a Croatian University is recognized across giant western countries such as the EU and the UK, the US, and Australia. Therefore, studying Medicine in English in Croatia is the ticket to a wide variety of jobs worldwide.

The University of Zagreb is the largest in the country, and it welcomes a whopping 75,000 students every year. Its Medical Studies in English Program (MSE) is Croatia’s oldest and largest medical school. It’s considered an elite med school mainly because its alumni have gotten excellent starting jobs, and it is reflected in its educational practices using problem-solving methods in small groups.

The medicine program at the University of Zagreb only accepts 50 students per academic year, so keep in note that if you would like to apply, be prepared with your best. You will be required to take an entrance exam to determine your competence in biology, chemistry, maths, and physics.

If you are looking to major in any of these three majors, you will find that Croatia might be the perfect place for you. However, if you are looking for other majors, feel free to check out for more information about the different majors you can study while enjoying the beautiful country of Croatia.

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