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Welcome to Portugal!

Portugal, known by its warm hospitality, offering a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful coastline and cities packed with historic interest and cultural experiences. Portugal is considered the oldest nation-state in Europe. Once a world power with territories around the globe, Portugal is now a member state of the European Union and a signatory country of the Schengen Agreement. Although it is the westernmost country in continental Europe, Portugal is a well-connected country, which affords you the opportunity to discover beautiful Europe while earning your degree in Portugal. Aside from the many historic sites and areas of natural beauty, Portugal is also known for its contemporary culture and nightlife.

Studying Abroad in Portugal

If you're a student looking for an exciting and fascinating locale to spend a term or two studying abroad, you're likely in search of a place that is both cosmopolitan and friendly, both entirely foreign and entirely nonthreatening. To get a sense for where Portugal falls on that sliding scale, let's start with its most renowned city: Lisbon. Lisbon, the nation's largest city as well as its capital, is known as the city of seven hills for its truly unique, stunningly beautiful location, nestled in a series of hills by the sea. Along with its storied past, Lisbon is a lively and modern city, with restaurants, cafes and a teeming nightlife at every turn. It's the kind of place that's really hard not to enjoy. Lisbon is a likely choice for students looking to study abroad in Portugal.

Study in Portugal

The beautiful scenery, exciting mixture of old buildings and new life, and the affordable lifestyle that accompanies studying in Portugal are just a short list of the advantages for international students in Portugal. With a small number of universities from which to choose, and owning the third most widely spoken language in Europe outside of English and Spanish, this country is a huge draw for international students. The excellent education and beautiful Mediterranean climate make Portugal a top choice for international students around the world.

If you’re a fan of rock and world music, in the main cities along the coast you’ll find a remarkable number of festivals and events to suit your tastes. But if this isn’t your thing, fear not, because the diverse student communities in Portugal’s major cities will ensure there’s always something to get involved in. So, whether you’re a food lover, hiker, music fanatic, sight-seer or history buff, choosing to study in Portugal is a great option.

Scholarships to Study in Portugal

In Portugal, scholarships are available to students. Both the Government and higher education institutions offer scholarships to international students for study in Portugal. Scholarships offered by the government are mainly funded through the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES). Scholarships offered to international students are funded by the Portuguese Institute for Development Apoioao or the Instituto Camoes (Instituto Portugues de Apoioao Desenvolvimento or the Instituto Camoes).