1st ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day

1st ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day

EU Delegation for Indonesia

The wait is over! 

On behalf of the committee, we would like to announce that the 1st ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day will be held on

  Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2018
  Time: 11.30 - 16.00 WIB
  Venue: ASEAN Secretariat, Jl Sisingamangaraja 70A, Jakarta 12110

Unfortunately, as the event is going to be held on the same day as ASEAN Day 2018, we are sorry to announce that we need to limit the total number of visitors to 1,300.

Please note that online registration is compulsory. 

Those who have registered before will be prioritized, nevertheless, re-registration is necessary. We will sned the registration link through email blast. So do not forget to check your spam folder, just in case you could not find the email in your inbox

The Re-Registration period will last up until Aug 6, 2018. Due to the limited quota, we will apply first-come-first-serve basis and this re-registration will be closed automatically by system when it has reached the maximum quota of 1,300 visitors (even if the re-registration period has not ended). 

We will re-open the registration for public only if there are any available spots. 

To enter the venue, visitors must simply print the email replying to their registration process or show the email reply on their mobile phones and identity car (KTP or passport) to the committee at the entrance


The EU and ASEAN have a long and successful history of dialogue and cooperation. The partnership between the two major regional integration processes has delivered impressive results in four decades.

For the years 2014-2020, the EU has increased its support for ASEAN regional integration to over EUR 170 million, in addition to more than EUR 2 billion provided to ASEAN Member States at the national level. Through this support, we are working together to reduce the development gap within ASEAN, to make sure that the benefits of globalisation are felt by all. Through the ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships day, the ASEAN Secretariat will open its doors to the public and provide an opportunity to join a one-day information fair on on-going ASEAN-EU cooperation projects.

The thematic focus of the event would be higher education, because this is both an important topics of EU-ASEAN cooperation, and a way to attract a youthful and student-oriented audience and inform them of overall cooperation priorities between ASEAN and the EU. Southeast Asia is home to some 7,000 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with around 12 million students. Scholarships intra ASEAN are available among others through various schemes such as ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS), ASEAN University Network (AUN) ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) and in particular through the EU Support to Higher Education in ASEAN Region (SHARE) programme, which has awarded 500 scholarships to students in ASEAN so far. In addition, the European Union and its Member States provide support for ASEAN students to take advantage of opportunities to study in Europe.

Despite a high number of scholarships by various institutions and Member States of ASEAN and the EU, many ASEAN students are not aware of the scholarships opportunities, their requirements and procedures.  It is therefore helpful to engage also ASEAN and EU Member States in the Cooperation and Scholarships Day.


  • Official launch and presentation of the EU-ASEAN Blue Book 2018
  • Exhibitions by ASEAN-EU cooperation programmes.
  • Exhibitions by scholarship institutions from ASEAN and the EU Member States.
  • Scholarship presentations.
  • Raffles and prizes for visitors.

Registration for Visitors

To enter the venue, visitors must simply print the email replying to their registration process or show the email reply on their mobile phones to the committee.

Registration will be closed once the visitor registration has reached 700 visitors.

Contact Persons

Mr Yaohar Dhia Erza Arighi | Tel: +62 21 27883888;HP: +6285710600183

E-mail: yaohar.erza@edelman.com

Ms Riezki Setyana | Tel: : +62 21 27883888

E-mail: riezki.setyana@edelman.com

08 Aug 2018
11:30 - 16:00 (GMT+7)
 ASEAN Secretariat

Jalan Sisingamangaraja
70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja
Jakarta 12110, Indonesia