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Welcome to Germany!

The Federal Republic of Germany lies in the heart of Europe. Germany is one of the world’s strongest economies and offers an innovative research and education landscape. At the same time, it has a dynamic cultural scene. Germany is the European Union’s most populous nation and is surrounded by nine neighboring countries. Germany is a modern and open-minded country with high quality of life, influenced in many ways by multinational diversity. Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Study in Germany

In Germany there are 399 institutions of higher education, of which 111 are entitled to award doctorates, and around 230 universities of the applied sciences. Courses at German Higher Education Institutions cover more than 400 disciplines, and many institutions offer courses taught in English that lead to internationally recognized degrees, including Master’s and PhD. With around 340,000 foreign students enrolled at German institutions of higher education, Germany has the fifth highest number of foreign students in the world. German universities do not charge tuition fees, neither from German nor from the international students. Some 41 German universities feature in the Global Top 400 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017, of which 22 are in the Top 200 and seven in the Top 100 – the highest ranked German Universities being Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen at 30, Heidelberg University at 43, and Technical University of Munich at 46.