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Want to study in Austria?

Austria is one of the best country destination to study in Europe. With population almost 9 million people, Austria shares its borders with 8 other countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Italy and Switzerland. Austria is relatively small, full of tradition and culture, and  offers stunning landscapes and exuberant cities. Austria’s capital, Vienna, ranks as one of the Europe’s cultural capital, and also described as one of the most attractive cities in the world

Some of the universities in Austria are amongst the best in the world. Excellent reputation, high quality of education, and many international awards makes Austria is the right place to pursue higher education. Some of the well-known musician, like Mozart and Strauss, are Austrian. More than that, Austria is one of the highest number of Nobel laureates per capita in the world. In fact, as of late 2012, 19 Austrians had been awarded Nobel Prizes.

Higher Education System in Austria

Students who wants to continue their higher education in Austria has a lot of option of study programs and universities. There are more than 22 universities and 500 study options that could be choose by students. International student need not worry because most of the universities in Austria are very international. About one of fifth of the students in Austria come from abroad. The Austrian education system is of a high standard and five Austrian universities recently featured in the Global Top 400 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 – the highest of which is The University of Vienna ranked overall 142 in the World.

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