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Indonesia  is currently holding the status of a developing country. We are in the  crossroad, are we to advance to developed country, or will we be trapped  in the middle as a developing country? With plenty of natural resources  and vast number of population, normally we could easily move forward to  the next stage. However, because of the geographical challenges and the  result of concentrated development, only several area has adequate  education, while most rural area are in need to have its development to  be expedited in many ways. 

Human capital is one of the most  important factors to help a country advances, hence creating better  prosperity of a nation. Indonesia has a huge number in its population,  but without building the capacity and quality of its human resources,  its population will be a liability, rather than an asset.

The  great news is Indonesia government start to accelerate a number of  systematic, integrated and sustainable approach to improve the quality  of the human resources in Indonesia. LPDP is one of the biggest  scholarship provider in the world. By providing scholarship, the  government hope to accelerate human capital development in Indonesia, to  produce quality future leaders that will be an asset of the country.

1. LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education)

LPDP  is dedicated to highly motivated and distinguish Indonesian youth. The  scholarship takes into account the candidates’ region of origin, program  interest and gender during the selection process. The scholarship  specifically targetted for Indonesian citizens who obtained academic  achievements in their previous education. In addition, awardees are also  expected to acquire exceptional leadership skill and committed to  contribute to Indonesia.

LPDP is aiming to boost development and  create Indonesia future leaders in various sectors through world class  education. The priority sectors are engineering, science, agriculture,  law, economic, finance, medicine, religion and social science.

LPDP  scholarship program has become the most popular scholarship program  among Indonesian students. LPDP is a full-coverage scholarship including  application fee, tuition fee, literature grant, thesis fee, graduation  fee, living allowance, settlement allowance, round-trip travel grants,  and insurance. Any additional fee you need? Nope! All are covered.  Yearly, LPDP have safely traveled more than thousands of awardees to  study in the world-class universities abroad. The application and  selection process are extremely competitive in this sense. You need to  run through face-to-face interview, on the spot essay writing and group  discussion. But after all, nothing is impossible when you are  well-prepared!


a. Beasiswa Magister dan Doktor

The  scholarships program offered for candidates who wish to study I one of  Indonesian university or abroad. This scholarship focused on ten (10)  areas of scientific priority LPDP, which include: Engineering, Science,  Agriculture, Medicine, Accounting / Finance, Legal, Religious, Economic,  Social, and Culture & Languages.

b. Beasiswa Tesis dan Disertasi

This  scholarship program offered a financial aid for master or doctoral  students with limited funding to finish their thesis/dissertations at  their current university in Indonesia or abroad. The objective of this  program is to increase the number of qualified master or doctoral  graduates who can contribute to the growth of science and technology in  Indonesia.

c. Beasiswa Afirmasi

Since  the distribution of highly educated human resources are not evenly  distributed in Indonesia, LPDP pull out a special effort to improve the  quality of human resources in the boundary and/or disadvantaged regions.  Therefore, LPDP offered Affirmations Scholarships program specifically  for groups of community that require special attention.


Application for Indonesian University 3 April 2017, Foreign University 7 July 2017.

Result Announcement on 19 June 2017 (Indonesian University), 12 October 2017 (Foreign University)

2. Beasiswa Unggulan (Unggulan Scholarship)

Beasiswa  Unggulan aim to improve the capability and competence of Indonesian  human resources to accelerate the development of Indonesia. It was  initiated and managed by the Bureau of Planning and International  Cooperation (BKLN) and Ministry of Education and Culture. This  scholarship program enables intelligent and competitive individuals to  pursue their education on higher degree in Indonesia or abroad.  Furthermore, foreign students could also find this program supports them  to study in Indonesia.


a. Beasiswa Masyarakat Berprestasi

Beasiswa  Masyarakat Berprestasi targets excel individuals and is provided for  Degree scholarships dan Non-Degree scholarships. The scholarships cover  tuition fees, living allowance, and study-related cost.

b. Beasiswa Pegawai Kemendikbud

Along  with the dynamic changes of technology, culture, social and economic  development in the global era, the program meets the necessity of the  Ministry of Education and Culture and the Institute for Education  Quality Assurance (LPMP) to increase their employees’ competence. It  opens the opportunity to continue their education at universities in  Indonesia or overseas, degree level or short courses and training.

c. Beasiswa Mahasiswa Asing

The  scholarship program enables highly motivated foreign students to enroll  in Master or Doctoral programs in Indonesia. It focuses on the field of  Bahasa Indonesia (language and education), art and culture. The program  is also intended for Darmasiswa alumni and partner countries in  education.

Candidate Criteria

  • International Olympic awardee
  • Regional, national, and international science, technology, arts and culture, and sports competition awardee
  • Excel teacher in various fields
  • Excel employee (public/private sector) who is recommended by the employer
  • Excel Individual who is recommended by an institution

Deadline for 2017

Application period between February – April (Batch I) and June – July (Batch II)

Result Announcement on 12 May (Batch I) and 1 September (Batch II)

3. Beasiswa Unggulan Dosen Indonesia (BUDI) Kemenristek DIKTI – LPDP

BUDI  is a scholarship program managed by Indonesian Ministry of Research,  Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristek DIKTI) together with  Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). This program aims to  improve the qualifications and competence of lecturers in Indonesia.


a. Master and Doctoral Degree Scholarship (in-country)

BUDI  supports lecturers who would like to pursue their Master or Doctoral  degree at one of the listed universities in Indonesia. Applicants could  simply register online through the website before continue to the  selection process which conducted by Kemenristek DIKTI together with  LPDP. Similar with previous years, candidates could submit their  applications for BUDI and applying to the destination university at the  same time.

More information on Scholarships Guidebook

Candidate Criteria

  • Lecturer  at public or private higher education institution under the Ministry of  Research and Technology and Higher Education who has obtained NIDN or  NIDK (permanent status of employment) 
  • Meet the required Learning Task stated in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education No. 48, 2009
  • Scholarships are not awarded to applicants who would like to obtain a second degree in the same level of study
  • Scholarships only awarded for September intake.
  • In-country scholarships’ awardee should between 45 - 50 years old for Master and Doctoral degree.


Application period between 3 May – 31 July

Result announcement around 25 July – 5 August

b. Doctoral Degree Scholarship (abroad)

Especially  for Doctoral degree, BUDI available to support highly motivated  lecturer who wish to obtain the degree abroad. Similar to in-country  program, Lecturer should be able to submit NIDN or NIDK. It is not  possible to combine this scholarship with another sponsor. Finance  component and amount of benefit for awardees are adjusted with LPDP  standard per destination country.

More information on Scholarships Guidebook

Candidate Criteria

  • Lecturer  at public or private higher education institution under the Ministry of  Research and Technology and Higher Education who has obtained NIDN or  NIDK (permanent status of employment )
  • Obtained Master’s Degree or equivalent to the level admitted by Kemenristek DIKTI
  • Not currently enrolled in one of the listed university for Doctoral degree (on-going)
  • Scholarships are not awarded to applicants who would like to obtain a second degree in the same level of study
  • Received unconditional Letter of Acceptance from the destination university
  • Not more than 47 years old (per December 2017)


  • Application period between 02 May – 04 June, Result Announcement on July