Win a Trip to Finland

Last updated on 24 Apr 2018

Are you a prospective Master’s Degree student looking for a programme in 2018? Have you considered Finland, one of the top educational systems in the world?

To support your decision to study in Finland and to make it even easier, Finland University offers one successful applicant for the 2018 enrolment period to come to Finland and experience the country first-hand! The winner of the competition will get a chance to visit the universities in Turku, Tampere, and Joensuu.

Start your journey to Finland by taking the Finland University challenge and present yourself as a potential candidate for this unique experience.

The competition winner will get to experience the country first-hand before accepting a place at one of the member universities. We want to help you reach your dream of studying at one of the top research universities Finland has to offer! During your trip, you’ll gain valuable insight and experience about what it’s like to study in Finland. You will receive practical advice on how to move to Finland, find accommodation, and learn how to smoothly transition into your studies. We will also have a film crew to document your travels!

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