Top 5 Reasons to Study in Finland

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There’s a saying that “to live in Finland is to win the lottery”. Fortunately, the same also applies to studying. Whether the focus is in having access to outstanding educational facilities, receiving the highest level of education, or simply with the quality of life itself – several types of research have proven that few countries in the world can rival Finland.

In this blog post, we’ll summarise this by pointing out the top five reasons why Finland is an ideal place to study, particularly for international students.

1. Finland University offers higher education in English

Altogether, Finnish higher education institutions offer over 400 English-taught programmes to choose from – meaning that all lectures, literature, and exams are provided in English. These full degree programmes offer an official Finnish higher education Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree.

The member universities of Finland University – the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Tampere, or the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University – all have dozens of top quality programmes, and naturally, they are all available in English.

2. Finland has great travelling options

Like many European countries, Finland provides smooth international access to other countries via several connecting airlines across the world. But what makes Finland exceptional is the number of direct flights it offers to Asia and back. With over 250 direct flights to Asia per month by Finnair alone, travelling between countries is an effortless affair for any Asian student or family member.

3. Outstanding quality of life

The 2017 Social Progress Index has mapped out detailed results of countries with the highest social progress in the world. The index is comprised of three major categories: basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing, and opportunity. Out of all countries in the world, Finland came 2nd highest on the list.

It ranked top spots in categories such as Nutrition and Basic Medical Care, Personal Freedom and Choice, Shelter, Personal Rights and Tolerance, and also in Access to Information and Communication.

4. One of the best countries to study in

The aforementioned quality of life has a direct effect on student satisfaction as well. In fact, Finland features yet again as one of the top ranked countries in StudyPortal’s International Student Satisfaction Awards. The awards were based on 15,965 reviews written by international students on the StudyPortal’s ‘student experience platform’ during the academic year of 2015-2016. Finland University’s member universities all received an Excellent grade in the same ISS awards.

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5. Leading facilities in the world

We’ve already discussed previously some reasons why Finland is a great place to study in: the safety and clean air. But in addition to these, it’s important to also consider the state of facilities. Finnish institutions offer facilities that are highly valued by international students. With modern and functional buildings, the libraries and laboratories are top-notch and Finland’s sophisticated eLearning systems are unquestionably state-of-the-art.

In Finland, international students are guided by professional student services throughout their studies. Every institution provides thorough student counselling, with teachers committed to supporting each student throughout their studies.

The Finnish attitude to studying follows an approach that benefits the individual: students are challenged and encouraged to think for themselves. Teaching in Finnish universities is based on research and the institutions’ specific expertise. These high-quality study programmes combine in-depth research with the needs of the student’s future working life.

Learn more about studying in Finland

Keen to know more about studying in Finland? Good news! Finland University serves as a gateway to one of the finest Finnish multidisciplinary Universities on offer. Its member universities are all among the top 2% universities globally, with a unique learning environment designed to get the best out of every student.

If you are interested in studying in Finland and would like to find out more, there's good news: the downloadable Finland University guide provides a quick starting package of how to apply for international master’s degree programmes and scholarships in the member universities of Finland University.